Kidswall logo The kidswall is specially constructed at 4 feet tall for children ages 3 and up with no harm to the growth plates and decompressing the joints.

Without the support and stability typically provided by the ground in horizontal training, participants engage more muscles.


We work in small groups and one-on-one with individuals with various physical and learning capabilities, including cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, attention deficit disorder, autism spectrum disorder.


Classes span from a range of athletic, health awareness, and learning abilities. We maintain our inclusive environment by engaging all participants of all abilities through activities improving balance, core strength, hand-eye coordination, strength and power to promote bone health, brain and motor skills and cardiovascular strength.

 We work with parents and participants to adapt our program to our participants’ needs using picture cards, music, multisensory integration, one-on-one instruction, and a wide array of unique training equipment including agility ladders, agility balls, bean bags, cones, inflatable bobs and hurdles.

Why a KidsWall Program?

The KidsWall program has been approached by many parents after witnessing their children’s exponential success, encouraging us to collaborate with health professionals and to extend our program to centres that specialize in treatment and development.

Parents have commended our program for building on their child’s unique abilities and above all fostering independence. We are devoted to health promotion, nurturing children’s autonomy and development so that they may actively engage with parents and instructors to proudly take ownership over their own well-being, and have been exceedingly proud of our participants’ continued successes and individual achievements to date.

KidsWall programs provide a unique and importantly FUN opportunity for children of all ages and abilities to be integrated and engaged with peers, to set their own goals, to build on their individual successes and to increase their fitness level at their own pace!

KidsWall @ The City of Vaughan

C.H.A.L.K. is currently running weekly 45-minute classes through the City of Vaughan Recreation and Culture department out of two local community centers with much success and positive parent feedback. Programs are tailored to each age group, and incorporate both on-the-wall and off-the-wall activities.

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